Resilience, a book I wrote about my dad, Sam Pruchno, encompasses his charmed childhood, his horrific experiences during the Holocaust, and his amazing comeback.  Unlike many children of survivors, I did not grow up with my dad’s history; he didn’t talk about it until I was a young adult of twenty.  And when my son was born, almost twenty years later, I realized I did not know my dad’s story well enough to relay his powerful legacy to his grandson.  So together, Dad and I, he with his tape recorder and me with my computer, embarked on this literary journey, originally meant for just family and friends.  But by the book’s end we both realized it deserved a much bigger audience.

Resilience – from Shavl to Southfield via Dachau is available on Amazon. I am also available for speaking engagements at schools, synagogues, churches, and any venue where there is an interest in Holocaust education.